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BUD/S -Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL
CRRC -Combat Rubber Raiding Craft
CSAR - Combat Search and Rescue.
CQB - Close Quarters Battle
Direct Action or DA -assaults or strikes against enemy forces and compounds. A basic Special Ops mission
FARP -Forward Area Refueling Point
Flash Bang - A stun grenade used by counter-terrorist assault teams.
FID -Foreign Internal Defense
FLIR - Forward Looking Infra-Red
Gibush - Israeli test period, usually a selection to get into SF units.
HAHO -High Altitude/High Opening
HALO -High ALtitude/Low Opening
JSOC -Joint Special Operations Command
Medevac - Medical Evacuation.
NVG -Night Vision Goggles
SPECWAR - Special Warfare.
OPSEC -Operational Security
OSS - Office of Strategic Services.
Walk Point or Point - The first soldier in a patrol, responsible for finding mines or enemy soldiers
Psyops -Psychological Operations. spreading mis-information or causing moral problems in the enemy forces.
SAM -Surface to Air Missile
SAR -Search and Rescue
Satcom - Satellite Communications
SCUBA -Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SDV - SEAL Delivery Vehicle, a minisub SEALS use to covertly insert long distances under water
SERE - Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion
SOE - Special Operations Executive. Britains Special ops in WWII
SPECWAR -US Navy term for Special Warfare
Strategic Reconnaissance or SR -Intelligence gathering missions with no direct action.
UDT -Underwater Demolitions Teams. Precurser to the SEALS, lsat one was deactivated in the early 80's.
Unconventional Warfare -Non-traditional actions against enemy forces. Guerrilla warfare or Psychological ops.

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