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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
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707th Special Missions Battalion

RAAF Airfield Defense Guards

Royal Thai Marine Corps

Royal Thai Navy SEALs

Australia's Special Air Service Regiment

Japan's Special Assault Team

Royal Thai Navy SEALs

In 1956 the Royal Thai Navy formed a small combat diver unit, based on the USNs UDTs. In 1965 the unit under went a reorganization, it was expanded and divided into two separate units, a USN Mobile Training Team (MTT) provided assistance. The first group was organized into a SEa, Air and Land, or SEAL team. The second group formed an Underwater Demolition Team, or UDT.

The SEAL team was assigned intelligence gathering, and reconnaissance missions. Maritime CT operations have also been added to the units primary tasks. The UDTs conduct salvage operations, and underwater demolitions, and obstacle clearance operations in support of RTMC amphibious operations.

SEAL and UDT training is conducted at Sattahip. Training lasts for a period of six months and includes a Thai version of "hell week". Upon completion of their training Thai SEALs complete a basic airborne course at the RTMC airborne school also located at Sattahip.

Additional training is conducted by other Thai armed forces or at foreign training courses. Both SEALs and UDTs have conducted joint training with USN SEALs, (A) SASR, and other Asian special operations units.

The SEALs have been involved in a number of skirmishes along the Cambodian border, and in anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Thailand. The UDTs have participated in salvage and rescue operations, and have supported RTMC training exercises.

Currently the SEALs consists of approximately 144 men commanded by a Lt. Commander, and are diveded into SEAL Teams One and Two. Each SEAL Team is subdivided into four platoons.

RTN SEALs are primarily equipped with US manufactured weapons, due to their close relationship, to the US. They also have access to the British owned HK series of weapons.