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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


Unit 669

Task Force 777

Unit 5707

India Para Commandos

Sayeret Mat'Kal


Pakistan's SSG

Palsar 7 and 500

S. African Reccee

S. African Special Forces Brigade

The Selous Scouts

Sayeret Golani


Shayetet 13, Israeli Naval Commandos

Singapore's STAR

Sayeret Tzanhanim

Yechida Meyuchedet Le'Milchama

Unit 669

Unit 669 is the Israeli Airforce unit tasked with CSAR ( C ombat S earch A nd R escue ). They are trained to operate behind enemy lines and rescue pilots who have been shot down and possibly injured.

It is assumed that the pilots will be injured and surrounded by enemy forces. Because of this, members are trained extensively as medics and trauma specialists in addition to their military skills. In addition to the many medic/infantry soldiers present on a team, 2 fully rated docotrs are also attached to each team.

Their home base's location is classified ( Read: I don't know either ), but it is known that teams are composed of four to five soldiers in peace time and between eight and nine during wartime. There are between five and seven teams during peace time but a reorganization during wartime increases team size and cuts it down to three or four teams. Most members carry the M-16/M4A1 with the M203 grenade launcher attached. Doctors carry the Micro 9mm Uzi and/or Sig-Sauer and Glock 9mm pistols.

Unit 669 is supported in the air by Bell 206 and 212 helicopters as well as Sikorsky Blackhawks. All are outfitted for stretchers and come equiped with hoists to raise pilots and 669 medics. The 212 can also be armed with Hydra 70mm rockets and a .50 cal ( 12.7mm ) In times of war, at least two AH-64 attack helicopters would be permanently attached.