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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


Unit 669

Task Force 777

Unit 5707

India Para Commandos

Sayeret Mat'Kal


Pakistan's SSG

Palsar 7 and 500

S. African Reccee

S. African Special Forces Brigade

The Selous Scouts

Sayeret Golani


Shayetet 13, Israeli Naval Commandos

Singapore's STAR

Sayeret Tzanhanim

Yechida Meyuchedet Le'Milchama

Singapore's STAR

The Singapore Police Force has created a number of specialized tactical units to provide assistance to its officers when a situation arises that is beyond their capabilities. In 1992 these units were unified under a sub command within the police force known as the Singapore Police Force Special Operations Command, or SOC.

These units specialize in conducting K-9 operations, SWAT operations, and riot control. STAR team logo "Vigilance, Valor, Victory"

The Singapore Police Force SOC was created in 1992 to gather all police tactical units under one central command. The command maintain over three units; the Police Dog Unit, which is the Singapore Police Force K-9 unit; the Police Task Force, which is a specially trained riot control force; and the Special Tactical & Rescue Unit, or STAR, which acts as the national SWAT unit.

The STAR team was raised in 1993 to provide the Singapore Police Force with a dedicated tactical armed response capability. The STAR team is a full time force of officers tasked with handling incidents that may require the use of specialized weapons, or when a situation arises where the use of their tactical skills will bring a rapid resolution to the crisis. Possible scenarios that may require their deployment include: Hostage situations Responding to armed criminals Barricaded suspects Emotionally disturbed persons VIP protection duties Counter sniper situations

Team members are trained in conducting linear assaults on aircraft and buses, demolition techniques for conducting explosive or "dynamic entries", precision shooting, close quarters combat (CQB) techniques, heliborne

operations such as rappelling and fast roping, firing from moving vehicles, operating motorcycles and all terrain vehicles, defensive driving techniques, and VIP protection techniques. The STAR team has also received training from the Israeli Border Guard's Ya'ma'm CT unit, Germany's GSG-9, and the (A)SASR. The unit's armory is known to include the HK- MP5 series of weapons, 9mm Uzi SMGs, HK-512 12 gauge shotguns, Glock 19 9mm pistols, and Israeli 9mm Jericho pistols.