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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


Unit 669

Task Force 777

Unit 5707

India Para Commandos

Sayeret Mat'Kal


Pakistan's SSG

Palsar 7 and 500

S. African Reccee

S. African Special Forces Brigade

The Selous Scouts

Sayeret Golani


Shayetet 13, Israeli Naval Commandos

Singapore's STAR

Sayeret Tzanhanim

Yechida Meyuchedet Le'Milchama


Little is known about Mista'aravim. They are a secretive unit that uses disguise and surprise as their main weapons. Originally two units; Shimson ( Gaza Strip ) and Duvdevan ( West bank ) were created. Shimson was later disbanded and it's members used to created the Egoz Unit. The unit was created in a time of dire need; as such some of the original members came from another highly-trained Shayet 13.

Mista'Aravim is the hebrew word or phrase meaning " to become an arab ." Members of Duvdevan dress in traditional Arab clothing in an effort to blend in and neutralize members of the Intifadah ( an arab effort to remove Israeli's from the occupied regions ). Not only do they dress like Arabs, the members are trained to act and think like them.

In addition to providing intelligence to the General Staff and IDF, Sayeret Duvdevan is tasked with performing counter-terrorist and hostage rescue missions in occupied territories. They can move around more effectively than traditionally dressed IDF soldiers and operate without attracting attention. In one unintentional demonstration of their effectiveness, a Duvdevan operative was passed by Defense Minister Moshe Arens and an entourage of high ranking IDF officials and a team of Shin Bet security men. The security team was understandibly upset when they found out that they had missed a heavily armed operator, but they were fortunate such talent was on their side.

The Mistaaravim soldiers undergo a different training environment due to the different nature of their operations. Because they are mainly operating in crowded cities in small groups, the normal training regiment for standard infantry and long-range patrol is cut down to 2-3 weeks. Due to the ever-changing pattern of streets and buildings in their area of operations, they focus on realtime drone and satellite photo navigation.

In addition, an extensive course is taught on how to blend in, covering such things as customs, dress, makeup techniques to change appearances, and languages. Also different, more time is spent on unarmed combat than normal. This is ue to the unit's operations in highly crowded areas where gunfire can cause more civilian casualties than enemy ones.

Members of Mistaaravim carry small weapons like the micro-uzis that are easily concealed and carried. Short-barreled M-16's and sniper are carried when firepower is more crucial than concealability. All members are proficient at close quarters combat and have been trained with the ability to hit targets while running through obstacles.