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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


10th Combat Weather Squadron

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

Agrupacion De Fuerzas Especiales Urbanas

Escuadron de Apoyo Comando, or EAC

Grupo De Operacoes Especiais ( GOE )

US Army Pathfinder Units

Brazilian Army's 1st Special Forces Battalion

U.S.A.F. Combat Control

Comando de Missiones Especiales

Tonelero Special Operations Battalion COMANF

Comando Tropas Especiales

Special Operations Weather Teams ( SOWT )

Delta Force


Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team

Brigada Halcon

Intelligence Support Activity ( ISA )

Joint Communication Unit ( JCU )

Joint Special Operations Command JSOC

Canada's Joint Task Force-Two

The Lanceros

LRSU Long Range Surveillance Units

Naval Combat Demolitions Units

US Navy Reserve SpecWar

U.S.A.F. Pararescue

Army Rangers

United States Marine Corps

Special Activities Staff

Special Boat Teams

The US Navy SEALs

Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)



Underwater Demolitions Teams

Special Operations Command

Special Operations Command 2

US Air Force Special Operations


Maritime Special Purpose Force

USMC Radio Recon

Force F " Zorros "

Agrupacion De Fuerzas Especiales Urbanas


In November of 1985 30 heavily armed terrorists (believed to have been trained by the PLO) of M-19 (Movimiento 19 de Abril, or 19th of April Movement) stormed Bogota's Palace of Justice and captured an amazing 500 hostages. Present in this group were several members of the Council of State and Supreme Court. Unprepared Colombian military units assaulted the Palace and freed many of the hostages. However, in the hail of bullets and recoilless rifle fire, over fifty hostages had been killed. Included in the death toll were eleven members of the Supreme Court. Nearly twenty of the terrorists had been killed, but eleven soldiers had lost their lives in the process.

Agrupacion De Fuerzas Especiales Urbanas, AFEU was formed on April 8, 1985 in response to this incident. AFEU is a small unit, not more than 100 operators, that are drawn from all of the armed forces as well as from security and police forces. AFEU is tasked with hostage rescue and VIP protection. It is organized into six fifteen-man squads each consisting of two officers and thirteen operators. AFEU is under the direct command of the Commandante de las Fuerzas Armadas.

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After passing a rigorous seven day selection phase, volunteers begin a six-month training phase in Facatativa, near of Bogota. Training focuses on hostage rescue from buildings, aircraft, buses, ships, and trains. Fast roping and rappelling skills are covered, as well as sniping, EOD ( Explosive Ordinance Disposal), and heliborne assault skills. Due to their VIP protection mission, members of AFEU are also trained in high speed and offensive driving.

Beretta 9mm
Browning 9mm
Glock (which type I don't know)
Assault Rifles
Submachine Guns
Light Machine guns
M60 7.62mm
Galil 7.62mm