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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


10th Combat Weather Squadron

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

Agrupacion De Fuerzas Especiales Urbanas

Escuadron de Apoyo Comando, or EAC

Grupo De Operacoes Especiais ( GOE )

US Army Pathfinder Units

Brazilian Army's 1st Special Forces Battalion

U.S.A.F. Combat Control

Comando de Missiones Especiales

Tonelero Special Operations Battalion COMANF

Comando Tropas Especiales

Special Operations Weather Teams ( SOWT )

Delta Force


Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team

Brigada Halcon

Intelligence Support Activity ( ISA )

Joint Communication Unit ( JCU )

Joint Special Operations Command JSOC

Canada's Joint Task Force-Two

The Lanceros

LRSU Long Range Surveillance Units

Naval Combat Demolitions Units

US Navy Reserve SpecWar

U.S.A.F. Pararescue

Army Rangers

United States Marine Corps

Special Activities Staff

Special Boat Teams

The US Navy SEALs

Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)



Underwater Demolitions Teams

Special Operations Command

Special Operations Command 2

US Air Force Special Operations


Maritime Special Purpose Force

USMC Radio Recon

Force F " Zorros "

Delta Force

The 1st SFOD-Delta (Delta force) is one the Federal Government's CT (Counter Terrorist) groups. Also known as CAG ( Combat Applications Group ) the Pentagon manages to tightly control what is known about this Unit. Their soldiers are recruited from the U.S. Army, mainly from the Special Forces Green Berets and Rangers. Their main compound is in a remote area of Fort Bragg and it is rumored that up to 2,500 personnel are present at this facility.

The TO ( Table of Order ) for Delta consists of three operational squadrons, a support squadron, a signal squadron, an aviation platoon, and what is termed the "Funny Platoon". This funny platoon is reported to be the only JSOC unit including female operators. Selection for all of these units is rigourous with more focus on mental abilities and toughness than physical.

Training involves runs through CQB ( Close Quarters Battle ) killing houses designed to teach teams and individuals how to assault buildings that have been captured by terrorists. Selective firing ( whether or not to shoot a target ) as well as the double tap ( shooting the target twice to make sure that the target does not get up again ) are instilled in the Counter-terrorism specialists.

Their facility at Bragg is reported to be considered the best special operation training facility in the world. The CQB indoor training range has earned the ominous nick-name, "The House of Horrors". The Facility comes equipped with mock-up of trains and buses for practice in tubular assaults, and there is reported to be a section of a wide-body jet in the units "aircraft room".

As a counter-terrorist group, Delta's main function is in hostage rescue. During Operation Just Cause Delta got their chance to do just that. Kurt Muse, an American businessman operating an underground radio station, had been jailed in the city of Modelo. A 160th SOAR MH-6 transported a team of troopers to the rooftop of the jail. The team fought its way down to the second floor and blew the door to Muse' cell, freeing him without injury. As the team and Muse made their way to the roof and the waiting MH-6, Kurt Muse counted at least five bodies. Not all had been killed; one terrified guard had been handcuffed to a staircase railing. Lifting off, the small helicopter was hit by small arms fire and fell to the street below. The pilot slid the aircraft along the ground to a parking lot and attempted to take off again. The aircraft was hit by ground fire again and hit the ground, this time permanently. A passing UH-60 spotted the infrared spotlight held up by a Delta trooper, and soldiers from the 6th Infantry Regiment came to their rescue. Four Delta operators were wounded, but Delta had "officially" validated their existance and saved Kurt Muse' life.

Delta also saw action in Desert Storm, although the full extent of what they did there has not been revealed. Delta Troopers provided security for General Norman Schwartzkopf and also took part in some missions into Iraq to locate Scud misile launchers for destruction. Delta recieved some unwanted publicity in the disasterous UN Campaign to stabilize the country of Somolia. During their mission in Mogadishu, Somolia, they assaulted different safe houses containing high-ranking members of warring clans and took them prisoner. Unfortunately, during their last mission two of the suport helicopters from the 160th SOAR were shot down. Two Delta operators were killed defending the survivors of the second crash, and at least one was killed in an on-foot extraction through a city populated with locals riled up against the Americans.

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Operators from the 1st SFOD were cruicial to the invasion of Iraq in early 2003. It is reported that they were in place ahead of time in the capital of Bagdhad, building networks of informants while eavesdropping and sabotaging Iraqi communications lines.

Delta works closely with the 160th SOAR for air support, but they also have their own fleet of helicopters ( the aviation platoon ). Painted in civilian colors and with fake registration numbers, the helicopters can deploy with Delta operators and mount gun pods to provide air support as well as transportation. Delta/CAG also works with the CIA's Special Activities Staff.

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"DELTA, America's Elite Counterterrorist Force " Terry Griswold ISBN 0-87938-615-0
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