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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


England's 5 Airborne Brigade Pathfinder Platoon

7NL Special Boat Section

Finmark 7th Jager Company

13eme Regiment de Dragon Parachutistes

148 Commando Forward Observation Battery

"Bassak" Swedish Naval Counter-SOF Unit

Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid

Bear Force

Commandement des Fusiliers Marins Commandos

Commando Hubert


Commandement des Operations Speciales

Destacamento do Accoes Especiais ( DAE )


Dutch Special Forces

Attack Dykarna

Escadrille des Operations Speciales ( EOS )


Escadron Special D'Intervention

Idiko Tmima Alexiptotiston



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GEK "Cobra"



Grupo De Operacoes Especiais


Groupement Speciale Autonome (GSA)


Commando Helicopter Force ( CHF )

Irish Defense Force

Italy's 9th Para Bat


KSK Kommando SpezialKraefte

Kustjagare Coastal Rangers

Monada Ypovrixion Kastrofon

Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza

Ordningspolisens Nationella Insatsstyrka

The 5 Airborne Brigade's Pathfinder Platoon

Poland's GSP

Portugese Companhia de Precursores

Portugese LRRPs

French Police Nationale RAID


France's 1er RPIMa

Swedish Air Force Rangers

Special Air Service

Special Boat Squadrons

The Spanish Legion

Sweden's Special Protection Group

Swedish Elite Forces

Turkish Special Forces

Unidad de Operaciones Especiales

"Bassak" Swedish Naval Counter-SOF Unit

Sweden's long, isolated coastline and harbors have long been a favorite target of Soviet, and now Russian intelligence services. Thoughout the Cold War Soviet naval Spetsnaz units, operating tracked midget submarines, routinely penetrated Swedish territorial waters.

To counter the threat posed by these incursions, the Swedish Navy formed a new specially-trained security unit in 1992. Known as Bassakerhetskompaniet, or Bassak (Naval Counter SOF Unit), the unit is tasked with defending Swedish naval installations, and protecting ships against attack by enemy SOF units.

The Bassak company consists of 134 men and 12 dogs, which are subdivided into a HQ and support platoon, two SakJakt (Counter SOF Ranger) Platoons, and two Sakbevakning (Counter SOF guard) Platoons.

SakJakt platoons are composed of six four-man squads. Each four man squad will have one dog assigned to it. SakJakt teams are composed of the following:

  • Squad leader
  • Dog handler
  • Support man (handles the squads heavy weapons, and is cross trained as a boat coxswain )
  • Medic (also trained as the team's driver and marksman/sniper)

    Using foot patrols, small high-speed boats, and ground vehicles, teams can respond to any security breach of their assigned patrol area. When conducting water-borne surveillance or reconnaissance missions, teams are equipped with canoes and SCUBA gear to aid in their unseen movement.

    Each year between 80-90 new recruits try out for the unit. Before being allowed to serve in the company, recruits must successfully complete a selection and training course. SakJakt training, which lasts for a period of 330 to 420 days, includes instruction in basic patrol techniques, field craft, orienteering, marksmanship, and specialized training course for dog handlers.

    Once a candidate completes his basic training he will spend one week conducting a field training exercise, and be required to complete a 70-100 km forced march. Upon completion of these requirements the student is then subjected to a number of tests to gauge his level of fitness and his knowledge of his newly acquired skills. The tests include:

  • Canoe test
  • Patrol test
  • 6.5 km forced march while carrying 12 kg of equipment
  • Weapons qualification
  • 4 km swim test
  • Education check on information learned during the course.
  • Test on knowledge of enemy equipment, weapons, and SOPs.

    Bassak routinely conducts operations and training exercises with its sister service's specialized security units and other naval units in the course of its duties.

    Bassak has access to all standard weapons with in the Swedish military arsenal. The standard rifle is the Ak5 (a license made variant model of the Belgian FNC). There are also sniper versions (Ak5b) and ones equipped with the US manufactured M-203 40mm grenade launcher (Ak5c). Fire support is provided by Belgian manufactured FN Minimi 5.56mm LMGs (KSP-90).