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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


England's 5 Airborne Brigade Pathfinder Platoon

7NL Special Boat Section

Finmark 7th Jager Company

13eme Regiment de Dragon Parachutistes

148 Commando Forward Observation Battery

"Bassak" Swedish Naval Counter-SOF Unit

Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid

Bear Force

Commandement des Fusiliers Marins Commandos

Commando Hubert


Commandement des Operations Speciales

Destacamento do Accoes Especiais ( DAE )


Dutch Special Forces

Attack Dykarna

Escadrille des Operations Speciales ( EOS )


Escadron Special D'Intervention

Idiko Tmima Alexiptotiston



French Special Forces Overview


GEK "Cobra"



Grupo De Operacoes Especiais


Groupement Speciale Autonome (GSA)


Commando Helicopter Force ( CHF )

Irish Defense Force

Italy's 9th Para Bat


KSK Kommando SpezialKraefte

Kustjagare Coastal Rangers

Monada Ypovrixion Kastrofon

Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza

Ordningspolisens Nationella Insatsstyrka

The 5 Airborne Brigade's Pathfinder Platoon

Poland's GSP

Portugese Companhia de Precursores

Portugese LRRPs

French Police Nationale RAID


France's 1er RPIMa

Swedish Air Force Rangers

Special Air Service

Special Boat Squadrons

The Spanish Legion

Sweden's Special Protection Group

Swedish Elite Forces

Turkish Special Forces

Unidad de Operaciones Especiales

Bear Force

After the Munich Massacre in 1972, the Helsinki Police Department formed a small ( twelve man ) CT force known by the acronym ETY. With the rampant rise in European terrorism in the middle 70s though, the decision was made to expand and overhaul this team. Osasto Karhu , or "Bear Force" was the result. Officially created in 1978, Bear Force consisted of 40 police officers that are split into three groups. Instead of concentrating on marksman training as ETY had done, Bear Force trained themselves for close quarters battle strikes.

Besides proficiency in takedowns, the local weather requires that Bar Force operators be expert in wilderness and winter survival. They are expert martial arts fighters as well. All members of Bear Force are volunteers and must undergo a fifteen week training course before being able to deploy with the unit.

The pistols of choice for operations are the Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum or Glock 17 9mm. The primary assault weapon is, of course, HK's ubiquitous MP5 family. They also use locally produced shotguns and are armed with the HK PSG-1 7.62mm rifle for sniping operations. They have a small fleet of Saab 900s and Volkswagen mini-vans that they deploy to incidents in. There is also a Finnish Air Force Bell 212 ( Huey ) ready to airlift them at all times.