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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


England's 5 Airborne Brigade Pathfinder Platoon

7NL Special Boat Section

Finmark 7th Jager Company

13eme Regiment de Dragon Parachutistes

148 Commando Forward Observation Battery

"Bassak" Swedish Naval Counter-SOF Unit

Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid

Bear Force

Commandement des Fusiliers Marins Commandos

Commando Hubert


Commandement des Operations Speciales

Destacamento do Accoes Especiais ( DAE )


Dutch Special Forces

Attack Dykarna

Escadrille des Operations Speciales ( EOS )


Escadron Special D'Intervention

Idiko Tmima Alexiptotiston



French Special Forces Overview


GEK "Cobra"



Grupo De Operacoes Especiais


Groupement Speciale Autonome (GSA)


Commando Helicopter Force ( CHF )

Irish Defense Force

Italy's 9th Para Bat


KSK Kommando SpezialKraefte

Kustjagare Coastal Rangers

Monada Ypovrixion Kastrofon

Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza

Ordningspolisens Nationella Insatsstyrka

The 5 Airborne Brigade's Pathfinder Platoon

Poland's GSP

Portugese Companhia de Precursores

Portugese LRRPs

French Police Nationale RAID


France's 1er RPIMa

Swedish Air Force Rangers

Special Air Service

Special Boat Squadrons

The Spanish Legion

Sweden's Special Protection Group

Swedish Elite Forces

Turkish Special Forces

Unidad de Operaciones Especiales

Dutch Special Forces and Counter Terrorist unit Overview

The Kingdom of the Netherlands maintains a number of elite units within its armed forces, and law enforcement agencies. Most of these units are concentrated within the Royal Army or Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. A brief description of each unit is given below.
The Royal Army's special operations units are grouped with in the Korps Commando Troepen.

KCT (Korps Commando Troepen)
The Korps Kommando Tropen ( Army Commando Troops Corps ) is the Dutch Army's special operations force. Organized along the same lines British SAS, KCT is tasked with conducting various missions such as direct action, long-range reconnaissance, and intelligence gathering.

Currently, KCT is composed of one active and two reserve units; but there are currently plans to reorganize KCT's structure. The plan calls for the activation of both reserve formations and their integration into the active force. Upon completion of this reorganization KCT will be composed of three Special Operation Companies, one HQ and support Company, and one training Company. At one time there was also a reserve formation known as the 305th Commando Troepen Bataljon ( 305 Commando Troops Battalion ). It appears as though this unit was disbanded sometime during the early 1990's. Currently KCT is organized as follows:

  • 108 S.O.C. : Reactivated in the early Nineties, the 108 SOC is the Dutch Army's active Special Operations unit. Tasked with conducting DA (Direct Action), sabotage, and reconnaissance missions. Troops are skilled in airborne, airmobile, amphibious, arctic and mountain operations. Some troops have also under gone training in the use of powered hangliders. The unit as recently seen action in Bosnia, apprehending war crimes suspects.
  • 104 Waarnemings-en Verkennings Companie ( 104 Recon & Observation Co. ): The 104th R&S Co. was formally an active unit, transferred to the reserves when the 108th SOC was activated. Tasked to act as the Dutch Army's Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) unit. Unit members are trained in HAHO/ HALO parachuting techniques, and covert observation skills. Under the current plans 104th Recon & Observation Co. will be activated, and its name changed to 104th SOC.
  • 105th Waarnemings-en Verkennings Companie ( 105th Recon & Observation Co. ): The 105th is the second reserve formation within KCT, and conducts the same type of operations as its sister unit the 104 Recon & Obsevation Co. Current plans also call for this unit to be activated, and redesignated as the 105th SOC.

Royal Netherlands Marine Corps:
The RNLMC contains a number of special operations units. Many of the units are trained and organized to operate with or under the direct control of their British counterparts during war.

7 Netherlands Special Boat Squadron ( 7NL SBS ): 7NL SBS is known within the RNLMC as the Amphibious Platoon. The platoon is organized, equipped, and operates in a fashion similar to the British SBS, who they would operate with in war time. When conducting operations alongside of the British SBS, the unit is known as C Squadron, SBS. The members of this highly trained combat swimmer unit are trained parachutist, scuba divers, and demolition experts. The unit is also capable of performing maritime CT operations, and is tasked with protecting Dutch off shore oil platforms from terrorist attack.

Mountain Leader Platoon : A relatively new unit within the RNLMC, the unit was formed in 1997 by consolidating all of the Mountain Leaders (ML) within one unit. The platoon is organized and operates in a fashion similar the British 3Cdo. Bde., Brigade Patrol Troop ( formally the Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadere - M&AW Cadre ).

The platoon's MLs act as the 1 Amphibious Combat Group's ( The RNLMC rapid reaction force ) reconnaissance unit when deployed. Unit members are trained in mountain, arctic, small boat, and parachute operations, with all of the platoons members having successfully completed the British Royal Marines ML course. During a war, involving NATO, the unit would come under the control of the British 3 Cdo. Bde.

There are also to two other units within RNLMC trained in conducting airborne operations:

  • 23 Airborne Co. RNLMC : Formally Known as "Whiskey Co." this unit is organized and operates similarly to the British Brigade Patrol Troop. These mountain and arctic warfare specialist also act as the 1 Amphibious Combat Group's ( The RNLMC rapid reaction force ) reconnaissance unit when deployed. Unit members are trained in mountain, arctic, small boat, and parachute operations. During a war, involving NATO, the unit would come under the control of the British 3 Cdo. Bde.
  • 11th Airborne Co. RNLMC : The 11th Airborne Company is the second formation within the RNLMC.
Bijzondere Bijstands Eenhid ( BBE ) : The BBE ( Special Intervention Force ) is Holland's national CT unit. Answering to the Dutch Ministry of the Interior, this unit of approximately 100 operators is considered to be one of the best CT units in the world. Tasked with conducting CT, DA and various other covert missions. Unit members are trained in combat medicine, demolition's, EOD, communications, and CQB.

Bijzondere Bijstandseenheid Krijgsmacht : The BBEK ( Armed Forces Special Assistance Unit ) is the Royal Netherlands Military Police's SWAT team. the unit is tasked with responding to attacks on Dutch military installations.

the Dutch National Police ( Regionale Politie ) maintains a special intervention unit:

    Politie BBE : The Politie BBE ( Police Special Assistance Unit ) is the Dutch National police SWAT and special investigation unit. The unit is tasked with providing specially trained marksmen and intervention teams though out the county.

Koninklijke Marechaussee ( KMar, Royal Constabulary )
Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten ( BSB, Special Protection Unit ) : The BSB is an elite force of specially trained and selected Military Police. The unit is tasked with providing body guards, for Dutch VIPs and acting as a police SWAT team. Unit members also perform covert intelligence gathering and observation teams.