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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


ASDS - Advanced SEAL Delivery System

MC-130E/H Combat Shadow

MC-130E/H Combat Talon I/II

EC-130 Commando Solo

Desert Patrol Vehicle


Army Little Birds

MH-47E Chinook Special Ops helicopter

Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk Series

US Navy Mk V Special Operations Craft

MH-60 PaveHawk

MH-53J Pave Low

Ranger Special Operations Vehicle

Special Operations Craft Riverine

Special Operations Low Level

AC-130U Spectre

Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey

Vehicule Leger de Reconnaissance et d'Appui (VLRA)

Ranger Special Operations Vehicle

The Ranger Special Operations Vehicle is a Land Rover design that was introduced after the Persian Gulf War. Produced by Land Rover's SVO (Special Vehicle Operations), the SOV was designed as a rapid defensive fighting platform. The RSOV is used not as an assault vehicle, but as a method for rapidly applying forces to key locations in the Ranger's fast-paced battlefield.

Impressed with its capabilities, the US Rangers bought 60 SOV's and dubbed them the Ranger Special Operations Vehicle. Designed with a crew of three in mind, the RSOV carries a driver, gunner, and Leader/gunner. The RSOV has a top mount that can be used to mount one of five different weapons (M-60, M240, M2 .50 cal heavy machine gun, Mk19 grenade launcher). There is also a mount for a machine gun in the passengers side seat and capabilities to carry AT-4 or RAAWS ( Ranger Anti-Armor Weapon System ), which is the 84mm Carl Gustav recoilless Rifle.

The Rangers have three main types of RSOV, the weapons carrier, Medical vehicle, or Communications vehicle. As a weapons carrier it can carry up to 8,000 lbs and six fully armed Rangers. Based on the 110 Land Rover Chassis, the RSOV is powered by a four cylinder turbocharged engine with plenty of power and torque for hauling loads around the battlefield. It is compact enough to fit inside a CH-47 Chinook (as well as European EH-101 helicopter) and C-130 cargo plane and can be sling-loaded underneath Chinooks or Blackhawks.