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Welcome - Worldwide directory of special forces and government agencies
Your Online Source for info on Special Warfare and counter-terrorism Units!


ASDS - Advanced SEAL Delivery System

MC-130E/H Combat Shadow

MC-130E/H Combat Talon I/II

EC-130 Commando Solo

Desert Patrol Vehicle


Army Little Birds

MH-47E Chinook Special Ops helicopter

Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk Series

US Navy Mk V Special Operations Craft

MH-60 PaveHawk

MH-53J Pave Low

Ranger Special Operations Vehicle

Special Operations Craft Riverine

Special Operations Low Level

AC-130U Spectre

Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey

Vehicule Leger de Reconnaissance et d'Appui (VLRA)

Vehicule Leger de Reconnaissance et d'Appui (VLRA)

The VLRA is a 5 ton 4 x 4 truck optimised for use with special forces and rapid deployment forces. A six-cylander Perkins Diesel engine gives it a top speed of 60 MPH ( 100 Km/Hr ) and with a 36.5 Gallon ( 138 liter ) fuel tank an unrefueled range of nearly 1,000 Miles ( 1,600 KM ) or 34 hours of contunuous running. The VLRA has a robust design and chassis and features coil-spring and shock absorbers to keep the wheels in contact with the ground as much as possible while providing a ride that will help the occupants keep their energy and attention on long patrols.

The VLRA serves two main functions with the French 1er RPIMa and in special warfare circles, that of a mothership for other, smaller light scout vehicles ( at a ratio of two VLRA to Five Rapid reconnaissance vehicles ) or as a heavy patrol vehicle outfitted for long-range reconnaissance missions. It can be armed with 3 7.62mm machine guns and a .50cal (12.7mm) heavy machine gun for defensive or offensive operations, and can mount 40mm automatic grenade launchers as well.

The VLRA is designed to be a flexible platform, capable of performing many missions with varied loads. It has an integral water tank with a 50 gallon ( 200 liter ) tank that holds potable ( drinkable ) water. Sand channels used to dig out of desrt sand or snow are stored on the side of the vehicle can be swung down and level and used for storage if the extra room is needed. The VLRA can also ford nearly 3 feet of running water without any special kits or preparation.